Transition Videos

Please find links below to the videos for class teachers in September. In your email yesterday, you received a copy of your child’s end of year report and a letter explaining their new class for September. Please take some time to watch the relevant video with your child over the summer.

We look forward to welcoming you back to school in September.

Mrs Middleton.

Transition - Nurture Group - Mrs. Runacus

Transition - EYFS - Miss. Painting

Transision - EYFS - Mrs. Jones

Transition - 1D - Mr. Day

Transition - 1SC - Miss. Connolly

Transition - 1SC - Mrs. Stanley

Transition - 2N - Mrs. Newbold

Transition - 2N - Miss. Nock

Transition - 3AMB - Mrs. Msanide Brookes

Transition - 3T - Miss. Trowman

Transition - 4H - Mr. Hill

Transition - 4K - Miss. Kyle

Transition - 5A - Miss. Archer

Transition - 5D - Miss. Dhillon

Transition - 6A - Mr. Allen

Transition - 6G - Miss Gorringe