NHS Guidance for Coughs/Colds

Dear Parents,

We have been asked by the NHS to share the following information regarding respiratory viruses in children. If you have any concerns over your child’s health, please follow the advice in the leaflets provided below.

During the pandemic young children have not been exposed as often to the usual viral illnesses that they would normally develop immunity to. We are therefore expecting more than the usual numbers of viruses in children particularly in the 0-5 age range in the coming months. One of the common viruses causes a condition called bronchiolitis which is a common childhood condition that we expect to be even more common this year and to place increased demand on local NHS services. A cough and/or shortness of breath might mean bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis is usually a mild disease causing a cough but some children can become very unwell. The condition is not expected to be any more serious than usual. Because of the numbers of children that may be affected we are taking this opportunity to circulate material to parents to give advice and confidence on managing a poorly child and to help highlight if your child needs more immediate medical attention. Most children will only be mildly unwell.

Local guidance with contacts to help you know when to seek advice

National guidance for under 1's

National guidance for over 1's